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Our mission for our transportation services is simple: We deliver what you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. In us you will find a supplier of machine and transportation services. If you can't find what you're looking for, just get in touch.

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Heavy transport, machine missions, gravel production, and much more




Transportation domestic/abroad - ADR

Transportation in Norway and Scandinavia. Your own security adviser to meet the requirements for the transportation and delivery of ADR dangerous goods.

Rental of containers

Rental of hook container 22m3 – 35m3 – 42m3 – 48m3 and ISO 8ft-10ft-20 ft- 23 ft- 23 ft

Masstransportation / tick transport

We transport all masses such as hot/cold asphalt, soil, sand, single, gravel, crush and other filling masses.

Gravel and hump delivery from our own facility

Delivers several types of masses/fractions, including for road gravel, crush, cool and sub. Nice sigel sunlet from natural stone with a great color scheme for different uses in garden courtyards.

Machine transport 3 and 4 axle tow

Performs most services in machine transport, incl. companion car services on cargo that is considered special transport.

Timber and roundball transport

Logging, sale and transport of birch, pine and spruce, as well as pretransport.

Hook lift / Container transport


Unit goods – Lot load – Keel/Freezer transport.

Other Products & Services



Road, water and sewerage

We build roads/forest roads, deliver and change septic tanks, and related services. We also carry out laying pipes for water and sewerage, and assembly of manholes.

Lawn soil

We deliver sorted quality soil added sand/coral sand that can be used for multiple purposes.

Snow clearing and sanding

We offer and carry out snow clearing, sanding and planing services for municipalities, the Armed Forces, businesses and private individuals.

Coral/ Shells

Delivery of shell sand for agriculture, soil improvement and lawns. Great for use on the beachfront.

Digging/land work

Performs everything in the excavation and leveling of plots of land, digging of cable and drainage trenches/newly bridged to less excavation work in gardens.

Laundry hall for rent

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