About us

The company is the result of a merger of Mogaard Maskin & Anleggsforretning and a company with the same name as what we have today.

50+ years of experience

Central location

Total supplier of machine and transport services

High quality and good service

Our history

We have been delivering machine services since the 1960s. With our long experience comes quality and good service.

Our history

Since the 1960s, Per Inge has worked with transportation and machinery. Dag Sigmund was working there until he established his own company with machines in the mid-90s, they worked separately until 2001 when they chose to merge their two companies into one company called Mogaard Maskin & Transport AS.

Today, the company has 10 employees, as well as 2 to 3 contracted workers. With our central location in Bardu municipality, we are the right choice for the provision of transportation services in the region, nationally, and within Scandinavia.

In connection with our old workshop being demolished in April 2019, we have now built new office space, as well as a workshop with laundry hall that will also be for rent.

Our mission

Mogaard Maskin & Transport is a modern company that sets quality and service as our highest priority. We offer flexible transportation services in Norway and Scandinavia. In addition, we offer plowing and excavation services, as well as construction transport in this regard within Troms. We also offer a variety of products including gravel, crushed, lawn soil, and coral/shell sand.

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